ONSITE: World-Building + Character Design (Ages 12-14)

Look at what it takes to build rich and interesting worlds that are worth getting lost in. You'll use creative writing tools to develop characters with complete backstories and interesting goals. This is a great class for those who like to imagine far-away places, whether fantasy, science fiction or based on reality.

Special Notes

  • This studio is not wheel chair accessible from the interior due to two steps, but is accessible through an exterior door.

    Classes are confirmed one week prior to the start date. In order to help us confirm classes, please register as early as possible.

    This is an ONSITE course. Students are expected to adhere to our COVID-19 policies. For more info please visit

About the Instructor

Avery Nguyen

I'm Avery Nguyen! I am a freelance illustrator and digital artist who has a strong love of fantasy and world building! I spend almost all of my free time working on my own fantasy world, which includes writing stories, designing characters, making maps, and even making my own fantasy languages. At Vis Arts, I am going to be teaching my students how to craft their own original worlds and stories, as well as how to bring them to life through writing, comics, and animation.

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ONSITE: World-Building + Character Design (Ages 12-14)

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Class Details
January 10 - February 284 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Day: Wed
Tuition: $110.00
Member Tuition: $99.00
Additional fees apply
Instructor: Avery Nguyen