Art League for Teens

At the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, high-school aged students can expand their artistic practice, grow their personal portfolios and prepare for possibly attending art school.

Take an Art League class and get the chance to work in professional studios, alongside working artists. You’ll gain:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the medium
  • A better understanding of the principles of design
  • One-on-one coaching intended to help you discover your own personal style

For dedicated students, we offer a certificate program. To earn an Art League certificate, students must take the following classes within four years:

  • Two core Art League courses
  • Two special topics workshops
  • One professional practice course

Special topics workshops are led by visiting artists and are intended to introduce students to special materials and processes. Our professional practice course occurs each summer and covers writing your resume and artist statements, documenting your work, speaking about your work and engaging in critiques. In addition, the course coincides with our annual Art League exhibition. Those enrolled will also gain experiences in organizing, curating and hanging an arts exhibition that includes their own work.

All students who complete the Art League course sequence walk away with far more than a certificate. They benefit from:

  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty who have come to know the student’s work well
  • A professional resume
  • Documentation of any work created during Art League, as well as documentation of any work created prior to or in tandem with their participation in Art League
  • Experience showing their work in an Art League exhibition

Art League is open to students aged 15 to 18 years old. Core classes are six weeks long and meet twice a week for two and a half to three hours. Each core course is team-taught by two instructors, so that students are simultaneously introduced to two media.

Questions about Art League? Contact our education manager.

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