Studio Rules

For your personal safety, please remove or tie back any loose clothing or long hair while using the presses.

Be sure to wash your hands at the end of your work session.

Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices (except computers) while in the letterpress studio.

Please treat the type with care, as the face of the characters can be easily damaged.

Please clean up after yourself. A proper clean-up includes cleaning the type and washing up the press. If you don’t know how to properly clean type or a specific press, ask your instructor or studio monitor.

You should redistribute any type or spacing you don’t plan to use, and neatly store the type you’ve set for future projects on a galley. Store your galley in the galley rack, with an accompanying signed galley slip. Be sure to accurately place all type and spacing in the appropriate compartments. All type should be redistributed (put away) within two weeks of completing a project or by the end of the session.

Dispose of soiled rags and other materials in the red hazardous materials bin.

Return all tools and supplies to the proper shelves and leave the letterpress studio as you found it.

Be very careful when operating the press. Keep hands away from the edges and the roller. Hands should be clean when using the press and handling blankets. Do not over-tighten the press as the rollers and bed may be damaged. Never put any hard or sharp objects through the press.