Birthday Parties


Host a birthday party at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and treat 12* people (ages 5+) to a private art class in one of VisArts’ studios!

Enjoy instruction by a professional artist, one and a half hours of project time, a half hour for cake, plus half an hour for set-up and clean-up. Each person leaves with a take-home art project and a VisArts party favor. You are responsible for bringing cake, snacks, paper products and serving utensils.

Are you an adult looking to host a birthday party for yourself? We can do that too, just fill out the form below!

Pick an Art Project

Note: many projects can be catered to the birthday person’s interests! (Examples: Dinosaurs! Sloths! Unicorns!)

Older birthday friends will have more complicated projects and can work with the birthday coordinator to plan.


  • Hand Building (ages 5+)
  • Wheel Throwing (ages 12+, 12 student max)


  • Cardboard Loom Weaving (ages 7+)
  • Machine Sewn Pillows (ages 9+, 8 student max)
  • Embroidery (ages 11+)
  • Needle Felting (ages 11+)


  • Monoprinting (ages 5+)
  • Carved Rubber Stamps (ages 11+)
  • Screen Printing Tote Bags or Posters (ages 11+, 10 student max)


  • Lego Letterpress (ages 11+, 8 student max)


  • Shrinky Dinks (ages 5+)
  • Found Object Sculpture (ages 7+)
  • Cardboard Sculpture (ages 9+)

Metals + Jewelry:

  • Beaded Bracelets (ages 5+, 12 student max)
  • Small Wire Sculpture (ages 7+, 12 student max)
  • Metal Stamping (ages 9+, 12 student max)


  • Stained Glass Ornaments (ages 11+, 10 student max)
  • Flame Worked Glass Pendants (ages 15+, 5 student max)

Painting + Drawing:

  • Painting in Watercolor or Acrylic (ages 5+)
  • Comics (ages 9+)
  • Pen + Ink Drawing (ages 9+)


  • GIF Making (ages 11+, 8 student max)
  • Stop Motion Animation (ages 11+, 8 student max)


  • Zines (ages 11+)
  • Book Making (ages 9+)


  • Photograms (ages 11+, 10 student max)

How to Book a Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be scheduled on any day of the week. Dates + times depend on studio and instructor availability. Parties are $250 for VisArts members and $275 for the general public. **For an additional $75 dollars, you can have up to 20 students.

To book a party, please fill out this form and our Education Manager will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Birthday Parties