Current Studio Access Residents

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond’s Studio Access Residency is designed to support emerging and established visual artists as they develop new ideas and to foster artistic exploration by providing free access to VisArts’ 17 communal studio spaces.


Jennifer Bui

Jennifer Buiis a multimedia artist who aims to stir intimate feelings and self-reflection, in order to foster empathy and connections—sometimes with those in her life, sometimes with the self, sometimes with a larger community, sometimes with a general audience or population. Drawing a lot of her inspiration from literature, poetry, lyrics, or her own writing, words play a very important part in her creation process. Used specifically, words can have such a strong impact and significance and they have always existed side-by-side with her art.


Julie Kinu Egresitz

Julie Kinu Egresitz is a visual artist and a fiction prose writer from Southern New Jersey. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2023 with a BFA in Printmaking and a concentration in Literary Arts and Studies.   

Julie’s artwork can be described as a marriage between visual art and literary narrative: two loves that come from the same place. As a continuous theme, she intends to use her artwork as an opposition to the lens that childhood is beautiful, hazy, and forever haunting. Growing up half-Japanese and half-white, her work depicts moments in which children use “playing pretend” as a way to navigate their identity, which can often be fantastical or macabre. Julie writes fictional short stories and creates silkscreen, Moku Hanga, and photo-plate lithography prints to go along with her narratives about childhood. 


Emily Gibbs

Emily Gibbs studied Ceramics and Communications at the University of North Florida. While studying at UNF, she had a focus in wood-firing functional pottery. Recently, she has shifted her wares to more colorful and playful pots. Outside of clay, Emily has recently started working as a florist assistant and really enjoys learning a new medium.  



Marcia Haffmans

Marcia Haffmans, once a public defender from the Netherlands, has continued her advocacy for women in jails, using conceptual mixed media installations to highlight voices oppressed by systems. Her approach has been to use personal handwriting as creative expression, the benefits of which have been published in Women’s Health Reports 2020, Inside Out: Change Through Art. Haffmans’ funding sources have included the Jerome Foundation, MN State Arts Board and CultureWorks/National Endowment for the Art. Haffmans has participated in artist residencies at Vermont Studio Center and Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (MN). Her work has been exhibited across the US, including a 2-year traveling exhibit organized by Norman Rockwell Museum, and overseas in Europe and S Korea. She has recently been selected as a Trawick Prize Finalist.



Mecca Harris

Danielle “Mecca” Harris likes to think of herself as a Muti-Disciplinary artist who doubles as a time traveler.  A lot of her work is inspired by African History, culture, Afro-Futurism, and Spirituality. Through many mediums, she explores sacred shapes, patterns, numerology and musical frequencies to create not only wearable art but also healing adornments.   



Jud Judson

Alex Judson, “Jud”, is a queer multidisciplinary artist based in Richmond, VA. Most of their works are focused on their inner child and healing from within through their practices and community. With a focus on ceramics and printmaking, you can find vibrant colors, textures, and experimental processes within their pieces.