Studio Rules

To use this studio, you must agree to abide by VisArts’ general studio policies as well as these studio-specific rules.

When entering the darkroom, check that no one is using the space before turning on the fluorescent lights. Always turn on ventilation fans when working in the dark room.

Do not use cell phones in the darkroom. The light from your cell phone’s screen can expose photo paper.

For your personal safety, please remove or tie back any loose clothing or long hair while using chemicals and darkroom equipment. Be sure to wash your hands at the end of your session.

Do not mix chemistry yourself. Please ask the studio monitor for assistance with this. Notify the monitor if chemicals are expired and need to be replaced.

Fixer is never to be poured down the sink. It should be disposed of, by a studio monitor or instructor, in the barrel located next to the sink.

Immediately report any chemical spills and malfunctioning, broken or missing equipment to the studio monitor.

All work left on the drying rack for longer than one week will be collected and stacked in a bin, which is located in the photography classroom.