Community Pottery Firing

VisArts is happy to offer glaze and bisque firings to our community. If you are enrolled in a clay class with us, firing is included with the cost of your class. For anyone else, you can pay by-the-pound to have your work fired.

Price + How it works

$2 per pound fee covers a bisque fire and one glaze firing. If you want to glaze fire work that you have bisque fired already somewhere else, this is also $2 per pound.

To fire your work with us:

  • Bring your work to VisArts Monday through Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Weigh your work on a scale at our front desk and fill out a firing slip.
  • Pay for your firing with our front desk; please bring a credit card with you.
  • Our clay studio staff will take your work from here and fire your work.
  • When your work is fired and ready for pick-up, you’ll receive an email from us!
Glaze Firing

There are a couple options for glazing work:

  1. You can join our Studio Access program and pay for hourly or monthly access to our space in order to glaze your work. Learn more about Studio Access here.
  2. Or you may purchase commercial cone 5-6 glazes and glaze at home, then bring your pieces to VisArts.  If you glaze at home, it is very important that you make sure that you are using cone 6 glazes not cone 06. A cone 06 glaze will melt onto our shelves and potentially ruin them. If this happens, you may charged for a new kiln shelf.

Online resources for purchasing glazes: