Studio Rules

For your personal safety, please remove or tie back any loose clothing or long hair while using the press. Be sure to wash your hands at the end of work.

When using the exposure unit, wear protective safety glasses. Do not look at the exposure unit when turning it on. After you have turned the unit on, leave the room immediately and close the door.

Take care when using blades. No cutting is allowed on the tables without a cutting mat. Be careful when using sharp tools in relief cutting.

Always stack prints on drying racks from the bottom, up, and remove dry prints immediately.

Be very careful when operating the press. Keep hands away from the edges and the roller. Hands should be clean when using the press and handling blankets. Do not over-tighten the press as the rollers and bed may be damaged. Never put any hard or sharp objects through the press.

When using oil-based inks, do not put solvents down the sink. Clean your plates and work station thoroughly with rags, and place solvent-soaked rags in the red hazard waste bin.

Wipe down counters, press beds, handles and glass countertops/palettes after use. Clean up all cuttings from relief carving. Clean spatulas, squeegees and any other equipment that you used. Thoroughly wash out all screens after use.