Drawing + Painting

Studio Rules

To use this studio, you must agree to abide by VisArts’ general studio policies as well as these studio-specific rules.

For your safety, oil paint and solvents may not be used in the Drawing North studio due to poor ventilation. Those materials may only be used in Drawing West or Drawing East.  

No spray paint, fixative or other aerosol can materials are to be used in the studios. 

Write your name, class (if applicable) and the date on the back of any work left on the drying racks. Take all work home at the end of each 11-week session. Work that’s left behind will be discarded.  

When leaving the studio, return all easels, trays and stools to “studio neutral.” This means that all easels are lined up along the edge of the room, all trays and chairs are folded, and all tables are properly stowed away. Please ensure all surfaces, easels and sinks are also wiped down.  

Odorless solvents are the only solvents allowed in the building. Terpenoid and Gamsol are the only two approved solvents, as they have a very low rate of evaporation.  No turpentine, xylene or other noxious liquids are allowed.  

When not actively using solvents, please keep the containers covered to minimize evaporation. Do not use paper towels for any oil-based paint clean-up. 

Please dispose of any rags containing solvents or oils in the metal-lidded containers. Do not throw anything containing oils/solvents in the regular trashcans. These materials can spontaneously combust. 

Do not dump any solvents down the sink. Pour reusable solvents into separate containers if you wish to continue using them. Solvents and paint tubes are both hazardous and combustible materials. These can both be disposed of in their respective red safety bins, located in Drawing East.