At Young + Artful, you’ll discover work by emerging artists who are already making their mark on Richmond’s arts scene. Get excited about bidding on work by the following artists:

Jack Alden
Victoria Borges
Liz Borsetti
Sean Donlon
Kate Duffy
Holly Francis
Maria Galuszka
Mike Guyer
Sarah Hand
Carli Holcomb
Brooke Ann Inman
Blythe King
Rebecca Kuzemchak
Grace Eun Mi Lee
Megan Mattax
Claire McCarty
Sarah Midkiff
Lavely Miller
Megan Nolde
Kristin Polich
Daniel Rickey
Roberto Rubet
Kristy Santelli
Caitie Sellers
Danielle Stevens
Tyler Stoll
Julz Suder
Sarah Tector
Jeremy Witt

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