Bump in the Night to DJ at Young + Artful

January 25, 2017 Features


Bump in the Night will perform at Young + Artful on January 28.

The all-female, all-vinyl DJ group is made up of Mary Silcox, Eliza Childress and Sara Gossett, who go by DJ Mixie, Area Woman and Sister Goldenhaze respectively.

Style Weekly arts editor Brent Baldwin wrote of the trio, back in 2013, “it just doesn’t get any stone-cold foxier in the local DJ scene then this trio of crate-digging local ladies,” and many in Richmond are inclined to agree with him.

The trio came together because of a mutual interest in the visual arts and a shared love of music. Silcox and Gossett are painters, and Gossett and Childress both do album work. They spent their nights listening to records and began to fall in love with the idea of sharing little known tracks with the public.

“The genre is so male-centric,” said Silcox.

The three began DJing at local clubs and became regulars in Balliceaux’s back room. People fell in love with their sound, which the women describe as international, electro hip-hop, soul, disco, garage and punk, all rolled into one.

Richmond has been good to the group. The three women credit their six-year run at Balliceaux, in large part, to the support Richmond’s young professional and creative community offers artists. In 2017, they’re spreading their wings, with gigs in Brooklyn and Chicago looking likely.

When the Visual Arts Creative Ambassadors asked if Bump in the Night would DJ at Young + Artful, Silcox, Childress and Gossett were quick to sign on.

“We know firsthand how influential and informative it is when people can see artists pursuing their expressive sides, especially for individuals who are new to the art or music scenes,” said Silcox.

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