Session-long Access

Session-long studio access costs $300 per session. Each VisArts session is 11 weeks long. In 2018, VisArts’ sessions are scheduled as follows: 

  • Winter: January 2-March 18
  • Spring: March 26-June 10
  • Summer: June 18-September 2
  • Fall: September 10-December 2

Session-long access is ideal for people who use the studio on a regular basis but travel for part of the year, making yearlong access unnecessary. It’s also great for people who want to take a VisArts class during some sessions (all classes come with free, student access to our open studio program) and work independently in the studio during other sessions. 

People who buy session-long studio access can come and go during open studio hours, throughout the duration of the session. Session-long access comes with shared project storage, so you may leave small projects in your studio’s shared shelf space. Please note that shared shelf space is cleared at the end of every session. 

Since sessions span three months, VisArts can split your session-long studio access payment into three monthly installments of $100. When you opt to go on a monthly payment plan, you’ll sign a schedule of payments, detailing the dates your account will be charged.