Nate Young

April 21 – June 18, 2017

Nate Young’s exhibition will feature both two- and three-dimensional works that are in dialog with sculptural woodworking media, as well as printmaking and letterpress processes.

Nate Young’s art, both conceptually rich and impeccably crafted, draws from the history of a broad range of woodworking traditions, primarily in architecture and furniture making. Young connects these aesthetics to cultural ritual in free-standing sculptures and wall-based pieces that adopt styles and elements—such as texts, diagrams, pulpits and pews—closely associated with religious and historical ceremony and occasion.

To create his deceivingly complex narratives, Young employs language and symbols with intentional minimalism to deepen interpretations and convey multiple associations. In this way, the artist explores man-made systems and organized thought as they relate to theological concepts and spirituality, philosophy and science, authority and freewill.