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VisArts Artists Helping Artists Auction

The VisArts Artists Helping Artists Auction is a multi-week, online art auction that brings together artists and collectors to raise funds for Richmond’s visual arts community.

Each week, VisArts will highlight and auction a piece of art representing one of the 12 art media available in the center’s 18 professional studio spaces. Works selected for the auction will go up for auction online each Thursday.

VisArts is committed to supporting Richmond’s art community, from professional artists to students, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the VisArts Artists Helping Artists Auction is to help ease some of the losses artists may have incurred during this period of social distancing. Proceeds from sales will benefit the artists who created the pieces, VisArts’ Annual Fund, the CultureWorks COVID-19 Arts and Culture Relief Fund and the Oakwood Arts and VisArts initiative which provides free, weekly art kits filled with supplies and lessons for Richmond Public Schools students.

The auction will run on a weekly basis from April 23 through October 29, 2020.