Become an Instructor

Interested in teaching an art class at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond?

At VisArts, we offer more than 600 art classes a year, which means we’re always on the lookout for professional artists and arts educators who would like to become instructors.

Instructors are contract employees who are paid hourly for the time they spend in the classroom. They receive free enrollment in one VisArts class per session, provided they’ve taught a class in the current session or the previous one, and they are eligible to submit work to our annual faculty exhibition, [work]. We offer professional development programs each year and throw a big instructors-only bash each August.

We don’t require instructors to have master’s degrees or teaching certifications. Plenty of our instructors do have those credentials, and many have been teaching for decades, but VisArts also has a long history of providing practicing artists with their first teaching gig, which is pretty cool, too.

This is a place where it’s okay to experiment—with different media, different artistic techniques and different teaching methodologies. If you’re an artist who’s passionate about creating new work, we think your enthusiasm will rub off your students.

We offer four sessions per year—spring, summer, fall and winter. Some instructors teach one class a session, some teach several a session, and still others teach a class and then take several sessions off before teaching another. Within each session, we offer multiple class formats. Our shortest classes require just a one-day commitment, and our longest classes run for 10 weeks.

If you think you’d enjoy being an instructor at VisArts, reach out to our director of education and programs, who likes to see a resume and some work samples to get the conversation going, and can help walk you through the course proposal process. The most successful course proposals are those that complement but don’t compete with what’s already in our curriculum. We don’t always have the room to bring on new instructors, but we always enjoy reading a great course proposal, and at the very least, we’ll keep it on file.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with, and hope you’ll enjoy inspiring creativity at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.