Before You Arrive

To access a studio, you must be a member of the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and have 1) taken a qualifying class at VisArts or 2) applied for a waiver and taken an accompanying skills test. Once you’ve satisfied one or both of these requirements, you’ll receive a studio access card and your studio-specific certification will be noted in your account. You are only allowed to work in studios for which you have earned a certification (each studio certification is sold separately).

Check your studio’s webpage for the most up-to-date open studio hours. We try to keep open studio hours super consistent, but sometimes classes have to be rescheduled or studio monitors get sick. Open studio hours are always subject to change. 

Familiarize yourself with the tools and materials we provide and the tools and materials you’re expected to bring from home. Each studio’s different.  

Wear closed-toe shoes, tie long hair back, and avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing. 

Leave your firearms at home. We’re a weapons-free facility.