Recording Policies

Visual Arts Center of Richmond Online Class Recording Policy 

All live, online VisArts classes are set to automatically record through VisArts Zoom account. Recordings will begin as soon as an instructor logs onto the class. Classes are recorded for educational purposes and for internal review only. VisArts is the sole owner of all class recordings. 

The following policy applies to instructors, students and VisArts staff in order to maintain teacher and student privacy and protect VisArts class content.  

Storing class recordings: 

  • Class recordings are saved in a secure, cloud-based folder accessible only by VisArts staff.  
  • Class recordings are kept on file and made available to students and teachers for up to 14 days past the last day of the session in which the class took place. After this time, we will no longer be able to share these files. 
  • All class recordings will be kept in a private folder for VisArts staff use for up to one year before being permanently deleted. 
  • Class recordings are not able to be downloaded by students or teachers; links take you to a video file that is view only. This helps protect the privacy of both students and teachers.  

Sharing class recordings: 

  • Online class recordings can only be shared with VisArts staff, the instructor, enrolled students, parents or guardians of enrolled students, and any student support staff who may attend classes with the student. 
  • VisArts instructors can request a link to a class recording to share with students enrolled in that class. They can do so by emailing [email protected]  
  • Students can request a link to a class recording for a class in which they’re enrolled. They can also do so by emailing [email protected]  
  • Class recordings may not be shared publicly in any way. VisArts can only share images or video from a class recording if they have written permission from everyone in attendance as well as the instructor.  

Monetizing class recordings: 

  • Neither the instructor nor VisArts are permitted to monetize online class recordings in any way; agreements for paid pre-recorded content that can be bought and sold are negotiated separately with the instructor. 

We will do everything in our power to ensure class recordings are successfully stored and shared according to these policies. However, VisArts is not responsible for recordings that are unsuccessful due to instructors manually stopping recordings, wifi connectivity, or other technology issues that are out of VisArts control.