Story Book Art Activities: Iggy Peck, Architect


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Architecture to Help my Community

Ages: 9+ (See note below about adapting this project for younger kids) 

Description: Iggy loves architecture. He likes to create buildings and structures out of anything he can find. This includes objects that you see around your home every day. In this story, Iggy uses his creativity to help his teacher. You can also use architecture to help solve a problem in your community. Learn to create simple structures out of cardboard and add elements of recycled materials. 

Conversation Questions 

Journal about, think about or ask each other: 

  • What does your community need 
  • What can you build in order to help others? 
  • How can you be creative with the items in your house? 


  • Thick Paper: Cardstock, cardboard, or food boxes (like cracker or cereal boxes) 
  • Scissors  
  • Items to decorate: Markers or pens 
  • Glue stickglue or tape 
  • Anything else you find around your home that inspires you to build your thoughts 


  1. Cut a square 
  2. Trace the square four times, then put two more squares on either side (shaped like a cross) 
  3. Add tabs 
  4. Cut out 
  5. Use a pencil or another blunt but pointed object to “score” your edges, making it easier to fold 
  6. Decorate your building while it is flat 
  7. Fold and glue or tape your box 
  8. Add a roof or other architectural elements 
  9. Repeat if you would like to make a whole city. You can get creative with your shapes! Triangles! Rectangles! Make your shapes bigger or smaller, too!

This project can be adapted for younger kids if you decorate and design boxes that are already together from your recycling bin.


  • Journal about, think about or tell someone about your creation. 
  • Tesni made a simple home for people who may not have a home right now. This home will allow them to take care of themselves and their community with a roof over their head.