Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors a longtime friend of the Visual Arts Center of Richmond who has demonstrated a sustained and extraordinary commitment to the organization. The award recipient is selected by VisArts’ Board of Directors and honored in March of each year, at Collectors’ Night.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Priscilla Burbank, 2016
Rhona Arenstein, 2015
Ginny Lewis, 2014
Marsha and Bill Ginther, 2013
Diego Sanchez, 2012
Maurice Beane, 2011
Hans Karras, 2010
True Luck (Visionary Award recipient), 2010
Jane Brooke, 2009
Wally Stettinius, 2008
Julia Boyd, 2007
Shelly Shepherd, 2006
Allan Rosenbaum, 2005
Rejena Carreras, 2004
Marcia Thalhimer, 2003
Marjorie Grier and Dick Steiner, 2002
No Award, 2001
Richard McCord, 2000
Mary Lou Deal, 1999
Gay Goldstone, 1998
Les Hill, 1997
Bill Carreras, 1996
Allan Eastman, 1995
Sarah Haskins, 1994
Millie Jones, 1993
Eric Lipman, 1992
David Camden, 1991
Alex Dunton, 1990
Taylor Dabney, 1989
Tricia Pearsall, 1988
Lucielle Briere, 1987