Mindfulness Spy Goggles

Mindfulness Spy Goggles

Ages: Ages: 4+ (Adults can help with assembly)

Description: Create some funky spy goggles out of all those paper towel and toilet paper tubes you‘ve collectedTake a moment of mindfulness, and see the world in a new, thoughtful way.



Conversation Questions: Journal about, think about or ask each other: 

  1. What do you notice when you take time to look, listen and smell?
  2. How does it feel to take a moment and concentrate on one sight, sound or scent?
  3. How can you take this feeling into the world even if you don’t have your spy goggles?


  1. Cardboard tubes (toilet paper, wrapping paper, paper towel, etc.)
  2. Something to decorate your tubes (Paint markers, markers, paint, collage materials)
  3. String (if you would like to make a lanyard)
  4. Tape or a stapler to attach your tubes
  5. A hole punch (or tape) to attach your lanyard



  1. Decorate your tubes in any way that makes you happy!
  2. Staple or tape your tubes together.
  3. Braid string (or use single strand for younger students) and attach it with a stapler, tape or hole punch in order to make a lanyard.
  4. Go on an adventure (outside or around your home) and look through your spy goggles! When looking through your fancy new goggles be sure to:
  • Take a moment, count to 10 slowly if you need to, and look at one spot. What do you notice? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? How do you feel?
  • Look at an ordinary scene in your life, what do you notice when you really look at one spot that you may have looked at a million times but never noticed?