Working in the Studios

You should never be alone in a studio.  

Studio monitors wear identifying badges. If there’s not a studio monitor in your studio, please let the front desk associate know.  

Follow all studio-specific rules, as posted in the studio and on the studio’s webpage. 

You’re required to wear the safety gear that’s outlined in your studio’s rules. VisArts has some safety goggles on site. N95 particulate respirator dust masks are available for purchase at the front desk.

Familiarize yourself with the material safety data sheets (MSDS) in your studio. There’s a sheet for each chemical and/or solvent used in the studio. Sheets cover the effects of overexposure as well as emergency, first aid and clean-up procedures. 

Report damaged equipment, or equipment in need of maintenance, to the studio monitor immediately. The studio monitor will submit the appropriate work order. Failure to report damaged equipment can result in your suspension from the open studio program.  

No illegal drugs are allowed anywhere on VisArts’ property. Alcohol is sometimes offered at special events but is never allowed in the studios. 

With the exception of service dogs, pets of any kind are not allowed in the studios. 

Food isn’t allowed in any studio. You may bring beverages into the studios, provided your cup or bottle has a lid. 

Please be courteous to staff, studio monitors, students and other people accessing the studios. If, at any time, you become a nuisance, the studio monitor can ask you to leave.  

Music should only be listened to on headphones, unless everyone working in the studio has agreed that the music does not inhibit or in any way distract from their creative process. 

Don’t touch other people’s work. If something needs to be moved, please ask a studio monitor to do so.

Last Updated: 12/6/17