Apply for a Waiver

People who have not taken a qualifying class at VisArts within the past 12 months but believe they have the necessary knowledge and experience to work independently in the studios, may apply for a waiver and, if granted, sit for a skills test instead of taking a qualifying class. 

You might consider applying for a waiver if you: 

  • Are a member or former member of VisArts’ Clay Guild 
  • Studied or are currently studying art at a college or university 
  • Formerly taught art at VisArts (current teachers automatically qualify for open studio access) 
  • Have taken classes at other community art centers or craft schools 
  • Are a professional artist or designer in need of specialized equipment 
  • Teach K-12 art 
  • Have taken several qualifying classes at VisArts but none within the past 12 months 

 You should expect to hear from someone at VisArts within two business days of applying for a waiver. If a waiver is not granted, you will need to take a qualifying class before accessing the studios independently. If your waiver application is preliminarily approved, a studio coordinator will be in touch to schedule your skills test. Skills tests are offered on a weekly basis.