Equipment Rentals

VisArts is renting out select pieces of pottery and sewing equipment!


  • To request a piece of equipment, please fill out the form below and a studio manger will process your request. Availability is limited, and priority will be given to enrolled students who require certain pieces of equipment for a VisArts class.
  • Equipment renters must pay a flat fee for the period of rental as well as a deposit
  • The deposit will be returned to the renter when the equipment is returned in appropriate condition. The condition of all equipment is evaluated at the beginning of the rental period, and items must be returned in the same condition. Renters should report any condition changes to the studio manager immediately. Any damage or wear that results from negligence or misuse will void the renter’s deposit, and the renter may be held liable for the repair cost.

Some of VisArts’ studio equipment which is not listed may be available to rent at the discretion of the studio manager. Contact Jeff Vick with questions about clay studio equipment and contact Sam Guerin with questions about equipment in all other studios.


  • $50 deposit (refunded when wheel is brought back in same condition) and $75 rental fee
  • Inventory: 2 Brent Model CXC, 21 Brent Model C, 1 Thomas Stewart and 12 Shimpo VL-Whisper
  • Local delivery: $5 flat rate within 1 mile of VisArts, $3 per mile over 1 mile from VisArts


  • $20 deposit and $20 rental fee
  • Inventory: 5 Baby Lock Denim Pro, 3 assorted sergers, 1 Juki Coverstitch, 1 Juki Long-Arm
  • Available for pickup, bobbins not included


All rented equipment must be returned to the Visual Arts Center by the agreed upon return date If the renter is unable to meet this deadline, or is unable to transport the equipment to VisArts, they must contact the associated studio manager for an exemption.

Equipment Rentals (2020)