Negative Space

Emmy Bright, Jessica Heikes and Leigh Suggs
December 7, 2018–February 10, 2019

Guest curated by Lauren Ross

NEGATIVE SPACE is a three-person project by Emmy Bright, Jessica Heikes, and Leigh Suggs. Works for this collaborative collection will be made in tandem and will focus on exploring the overlaps and gaps between the individual bodies of work. Emmy Bright is a skilled printmaker, sketching and writing her way towards images and text which simplify convoluted ideas into succinct notational multiples. Leigh Suggs’ art centers around laborious additive and subtractive processes combined with intense colors and materials which create optic dissonance in her intricate work. Jessica Heikes, a sculptor, combines domestic items with other materials, capturing their interactions to describe metaphorical relationships. While working with vastly different approaches, they circle around similar core conceptual issues.

To develop the work, the three artists will complete a series of residencies at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Penland School of Crafts and ongoing conversations from their respective home-base studios.