Balinese Puppet-Making Master Class with the Brothers Campur

Wayang Kulit is a form of traditional shadow-puppetry from Bali, Indonesia. It brings together elements from the island’s rich cultural traditions: narrative, music, ritual, carving, movement and comedy. Since 2012, the founding members of The Brothers Campur have presented this art form to audiences in both Indonesia and the United States.

In conjunction with their upcoming performance at the University of Richmond on September 16th, the Brothers Campur are offering a special workshop at VisArts. Come create unique hand-carved leather puppets, which are the hallmark of this tradition. Each puppet used in the wayang is intricately carved, giving its shadow a unique character and form.

Learn basic carving techniques, using the same tools—wooden mallets and iron chisels—used by Balinese puppet-makers. You’ll carve the puppet’s outline first, and then the small details of the eyes, clothing and jewelry. Once the carving is complete, we’ll assemble the limbs and body mount the puppets on rods, so that they’re ready for a performance. Plan to make your own and leave with the skills and knowledge to create more.

Special Notes

  • All materials are provided.
  • Make sure to see the Brothers Campur’s performance on Saturday, September 16th at 7:30 PM at the Weinstein International Center, University of Richmond, 52 University Way.
About the Instructor

Ian Coss

Ian Coss has engaged with Balinese arts as a performer, composer, educator and scholar. In 2011, he received a Darmasiswa from the Indonesian government and spent one year studying regional variations in music used for accompanying shadow-puppetry. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in ethnomusicology from Boston University, where he also leads the Balinese music ensemble Gamelankemana. As a composer and performer, his work has been featured at the Bali Arts Festival and took first place at the 2012 Bali Fusion Festival. His writing and radio journalism have appeared in Sounding Out!, The World, The BBC’s Cultural Frontline and Afropop Worldwide.

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Panji Wilimantara

Panji Wilimantara is a scholar and active practitioner of Balinese arts and religion. He discovered his love of puppetry at a young age when he became seriously ill, and was cured by the spiritual power of his family's puppets. Neither of Wilimantara's parents had carried on the puppetry tradition, and so this experience compelled Wilimantara to travel to Denpasar, Bali to study at one of the nation's leading art conservatories, and then to reinvigorate the wayang tradition in his home village. Since this time, he has debuted contemporary works at the Bali Arts Festival, and participated in ceremonial performances at the islands 'mother temple' of Basakih.

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Putu Rekayasa

Putu Rekayasa comes from a long line of priests, puppeteers and puppet makers on Bali’s north coast. He began studying wayang kulit from his father at age eight, later accompanying him as a musician and creating many of the distinct puppets used in his productions. Rekayasa is a graduate of Bali’s premier art institute (ISI Denpasar) and his latest production, Perang Banjar, explores the first conflict between Dutch colonialists and Balinese resistance fighters in 1868. The piece premiered at the 2015 Bali Arts Festival, with Rekayasa serving as the writer, director, and narrator.

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Sam Jay Gold

Sam Jay Gold is a performer, director, deviser, and teaching artist. As a 2011/2012 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, he trained in traditional forms of puppetry around the world to explore the relationship between puppets and people in a variety of performance cultures — including Bali, where he studied wayang kulit with I Nyoman Sedana and Putu Rekayasa. He is a Creative/Producer with Martian Media, part of the TONY award- winning company, Martian Entertainment, and is a member of the Teaching Artist Ensemble at The New Victory Theatre.

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Balinese Puppet-Making Master Class with the Brothers Campur

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