Lauren Miner

  • Guest and Student Services Associate
(804) 353-0094, ext. 210

Lauren Miner first became part of the VisArts community as an instructor, and later joined the staff as a Front Desk Associate. Driven by a love of language and the written word, Lauren studied English and creative writing at James Madison University, before earning graduate degrees (an MA in English and an MFA in creative writing) at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her creative work, like her pedagogy, draws on her insatiable curiosity. She relishes the thrill of following a question where it may lead . . . whether that be the library, the river, the classroom, a blank page or an art studio. Lauren’s favorite part of working at VisArts (besides the privilege of working with such a stellar team of smart, creative and hard-working people) is getting to make so many connections—between people, ideas and media—and experimenting with so many modes of making. See if you can stump her with your obscure trivia questions.