Ranjitha Kurup (She/Her)

  • Accounting
(804) 353-0094

Ranjitha Kurup is a Senior Accountant at Warren Whitney and is primarily engaged by organizations requiring accounting and bookkeeping services. Industries served in different capacities include healthcare, information technology, real estate, and manufacturing. Prior to joining Warren Whitney, Ranjitha worked in the public accounting arena as a Tax Accountant, where she prepared tax returns for various organizations, maintained fixed asset schedules, prepared 1099s, W-2s, and property tax returns.  She also researched tax matters and prepared responses to tax notices.

In addition, Ranjitha understands life as an entrepreneur as she co-owned an IT business.  While involved in the overall strategy and operations of the organization, she was directly responsible for generating financial statements, year-end compliance reporting, and the payroll function, to name a few of her responsibilities.